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[A few days after the Nox escaped the sewers and the Mayor sends out her missive, construction crews are on site at the college campus, beginning repairs on the sinkhole. While they're grateful to the outsiders using their magic to keep the Nox away, they're still a little leery of them. With everything that's happened, can you blame them?]

[Whether you're there to help with construction or security duty or just walking by to see what's going on or to bring your hardworking friend lunch, it's definitely an interesting place to be. Maybe someone has theories about how the Nox got out of the sewers...]

[OOC: This is a mingle log! Feel free to start your own subthreads and talk things out. Let us know if you don't want NPCs in your thread; otherwise, you'll probably get some.]
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[With a last pulse of bright pink magic, a Nox in the form of a cat dissipates into mist and then into nothing.]

[The only good thing about the expanse of cracked pavement and litter that is the empty lot is the sheer isolation, which makes it great for practicing using his healing magic and turning it to more offense-oriented uses.]

[Every now and then, a Nox will skulk, crawl, or fly out of the subway entrance and into the lot, like the slowest bee in the worst hive investigating a particularly obnoxious child that keeps throwing pebbles. Aaron blasts them all to wispy bits.]

Take that!
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[Wash needed to take his mind off things. Unfortunately, the halfpipe wasn't available as a distraction anymore - it had actually become one of said things he didn't want to think about. So he went wandering instead, through areas both populated and not, and would up at the mall.]

[Surprise number one was that said mall had a pawn shop. Surprise number two was that said pawn shop had an old game system, complete with controllers and a few games. He doesn't have to think about it for long before forking over the cash and heading home with the system.]

[It doesn't take him long to set it up, but hell if he can actually get the hang of any of the games he bought.]
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[ With the recent nonsense on campus it hadn't been difficult for Tex to get a job working security for the college. Not necessarily her dream job but she needed something to pay the bills and to keep her busy and until something more lucrative came along, this fit the bill. And until she was completely convinced she had magic and that it was useful magic, doing something practical like this fit her sensibilities better.

On this particular day she'd been assigned to patrol the area of a building where the students were putting together an extracurricular lecture, and there was a pizza order on its way for refreshments. She stood near the entrance of the lecture hall, waiting for the delivery to arrive, and scanned the people who were milling around nearby. ]
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[Monday morning, a crowd of young adults and presumably teachers are gathered around the college campus, spilling out into the street. Some of them have signs. Most of them seem to just be shouting and sounding generally upset. The signs and words consist of outrage against the schools’ inadequate supplies.]

[The crowd grows thicker as the day goes on, though various teenagers and children leave the school early to wait outside for their harried-looking parents to pick them up.]

[Police come to monitor the events. Some of the teachers and other important-looking figures start heading towards the front to address the buzzing crowd.]

[Later in the afternoon, the frustration seems to only be mounting further until a scream breaks out in the middle of the mass of people. Then another, and another, all from very different parts of the crowd. Was it induced by frustration? Is there something else going on? Either way, the panic is mounting, people are scattering, screams of anger and fear are rising--the crowd and whatever may be in there will be making this situation dangerous.]
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[Well, Epsilon was trying to get out. He'd been doing as much every now and then. Today, he was chilling in the park, trying to see how well he could manage at controlling levitation of random objects he finds. He's armed as usual, but he's far from ready for a fight at the moment. Anyone really observant would notice the guns and knife. He isn't hiding them... And while he's not skilled, it makes him feel secure.]

[[OOC note: Meant for Epsilon and Bruce to run into each other. If you want to start your own thread, I'm cool with it though.]]
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[OOC: It's exactly what it says on the tin: magic school! Where the more magically apt teach those less so to use what they've been unwillingly given. Feel free to make subthreads to teach or to learn, and assume this is all taking place in the park on the same(ish) day.]
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[Peridot, as she has to tell herself a lot, can handle being cooped up with Rose Quartz and Greg and...yes, even the Steven. But why does everything have to be so messy?! Fortunately, the water from the metal dispenser in the food storage seems to be adequate for removing the "raspberry preserves" she dropped all over the floor while examining the contents of the fridge.

What a mess. She can't seem to clean the preserves off her without getting it all over something else, and she can't get them off everything else without it sticking right back onto her again. But she can't let some earth object get the better of a Gem, not when there's a mystery of the refilling fridge to solve. She'll remain as focused on this task for as long as it takes...]
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[During his nightly escapades Bruce has found a few fliers pinned to telephone poles and the like, asking for help with an upcoming event called "Spooky Night." The details have been sparse, but the gist seems to be "show up at the cathedral, put up decorations, get paid X amount at the end of the day."]

[Bruce doesn't have any money in Freesia, which has been nagging at him for a while, even though food and shelter have been readily available. But while the job doesn't pay that much, he figures it won't hurt to have some spare cash stashed away, and he has the time and energy for a day's labor.]

[Besides, running after shadow rats can only keep the stir craziness down for so long.]

[So, morning of September 9th, Bruce shows up bright and early and dosed with coffee. The lady overseeing the Spooky Night setup doesn't seem pleased to see him- especially after he makes a comment about Halloween, something that earns him an irritated/confused look- but she doesn't turn him away either.]

[Bruce is immediately set to work unfolding tables, moving boxes, moving benches, and stringing up lanterns in various corners in and out of the cathedral.]

[The actual work isn't difficult, although after the third time he's asked to take down that lantern you just put up and put it in another corner or actually, they'll need the masks by the door and wait, we might not have enough space for the benches in here... There's a distinct edge of exasperation to Bruce's expression as the morning goes on.]
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[Today is a pretty busy day for Casey, in that he's made some important purchases. Putting up with an annoying paper route every day he wasn't too injured for it, along with some other odd jobs, has finally paid off: He has a bicycle.

Granted, the bike is a complete piece of shit. It's a single-speed behemoth, too big for him and just beginning to rust out, but it was cheap and it's his. It's not unlike the bike he has back home, with two major exceptions, one that he's going to take care of today. Firstly, it's red and not blue, and second?

It's not combat ready.

Casey can be found all around town today. He could digging through the various dumpsters and trashcans in Freesia. He doesn't have much money left and he needs assorted metal and wiring and people throw out some good stuff if you know where to look. He could also be soldering his assorted finds to the bike, in an arrangement that makes apparent sense to no one but Casey. There are holders for things and tubes involved, a long metal pole, and what looks to be a purloined trashcan raggedly cut in half.

He could also be on break, eating lunch and playing with his OTHER new toy: a combat knife, which he bought because...he wanted it. Casey has always been really good at knifey-finger, one of his favorite idle pastimes. He doesn't pay much mind to the stares of Freesia's inhabitants as he does this on an outdoor picnic table, jumping his fingers with the knife with the skill of someone who spends a LOT of time doing this.

Finally at the end of the day, he could be taking the bike out on a test run. It's butt-ugly, with enough jagged metal on it to make a tetanus shot dealer clap his hands in glee, and it's very clearly flammable as it IS made by someone who fights with literal fire. The half-a-trashcan is on the front as a shield, there's a pike, the end of which is covered in what looks to be pine-tar, and there are holders for fireworks. With only one firework loaded in. He's not made of money.

What he REALLY wants is a real Nox portal to test this out on. The alarmed responses of the people on the street tell him he's made an intimidating machine, but it doesn't matter if he can't cut through the enemy with it.]
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[So, after he gets gracelessly dunked and... purified, he supposes, he runs.

Back to his little place in the slums, and there he hides out until he feels ready to face the world again. That comes with time and hunger, and finds him at the mall with what currency he's managed to get from pawning off things he doesn't need.]

Hey, is there any map of the mall? I'm-- I'm lost.

[Very lost.]

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[The best way to improve in a skill was training. Wash knew that. What he hadn't realized was that training went a lot more smoothly with someone who knew what they were doing in charge.]

[This probably explained why his attempts to practice magic in the park had been frustrating and fruitless for the past half hour. He had no experience in magic and no idea what to do - what he had was determination to master a weapon he'd need in order to fight, and a supply of patience that was beginning to run low.]

[His magic was different than most people's, he reasoned. He didn't have to start his own, like Casey, or use what was on hand, like Greg - no, his element was all around him all the time, and all he had to do was make it do what he wanted. Somehow.]

[Anyone who had been watching him for a bit may have seen sweeping and increasingly ridiculous arm motions - movements that might actually look cool if the wind was playing its part, but just came off as badly choreographed interpretive dance without it. Anyone who had been watching for quite a while may have witnessed him yelling at the sky about how one sweater-vested asshole could have at least provided a tutorial.]


Sep. 19th, 2015 09:08 pm
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[ Megatron is a 35-foot-tall robot covered in spiked armour with glowing red eyes, first and foremost, but right now he is also technically a tourist and a kidnappee. It's a fairly new situation to him, given how hard it is to get someone like him to go anywhere they don't particularly want to go. This probably explains the slightly puzzled look on his face.

Those unfortunate enough to be close by will hear heavy, metallic footsteps wandering around the apartment district. He's trying to familiarise himself by exploring, but it's a little awkward when you take up most of the street. ]
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[Casey just wanted everything to be...no big deal again.

He'd been cooped up in the apartment too long, with himself and an overflow of energy and a lot of bad thoughts. Greg had come back from the dead and everything was good. Wash had come back from his home (or...wherever) and everything was cool, right? They were basically playing on God Mode now. Yeah, it freaked his friends out at first, but it ought to make them all feel invincible now.

Why didn't it?

Why couldn't he even figure out if it made himself feel invincible?

The question had left him completely restless. He hadn't slept well the night Greg came back, and there was only one cure for it: patrol.

Well, OK, more like looking for a fight. It's just how he unwinds when he's stressed.

He'd mastered the art of climbing out the window in the middle of the night, though he hasn't absolutely nailed down yet if the people he's living with hear him every single time he does. Maybe after he does it five nights in a row...

The thick air, the sounds heightened by silence, the heavy black of the night promising
action and danger and the excitement he lived for. He could spend it skating from roof to roof, hunting Nox, seeking out his fellow night owls for whatever adventure they find after all decent people have gone to bed.

He's got his padding and his mask and a head full of steam. Let's see what's goin' down...]
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[It had been a few days since Greg had come back - long enough for him to recover a bit, as far as Wash could tell, and long enough for Wash to reacclimate to Freesia. He'd headed by Greg's apartment early in the morning (but not as early as usual) to get Greg up for a morning walk. They'd work back up to the jog - for now, this was routine for the sake of normalcy.]

[It had been once around the high rises, and then into the park. About halfway in, Wash stopped in the shade of one of the larger trees.]

How're you feeling?
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[ So this is new. He may or may not have had a mini hysterical breakdown in the room where he woke up but- he suits up and tries to get it together. The first time he stretches his mind out for D and finds him gone, even though he knew it wasn't gonna work, he twitches hard against a spike of panic and-


Somewhere else?

This is also new. this is terrifying in it's newness. He goes from a stark, clinical room to the top of a building-
There's a fountain. It's very pretty. He's VERY FREAKED OUT. Another stumbling step and he's

Not there-

anymore he's somewhere else. A library? WHAT THE FUCK? WHERE THE HELL IS HE? Someone's there.
He sees someone there and he reaches out for an answer, for a solution for any fucking thing at all and-

isn't there anymore. He's in a bedroom.

Then a school.

Then an abandoned lot.

Then he's there, RIGHT THERE, all tan armor and crackling voice over the radio, scared and startled and unable to fucking understand what the HELL IS GOING ON and he catches a hold of someone. Anyone. Whoever's closest. Clings and shakes them and says- ]

You're gonna give me some sane answers right the fuck now-

[ But he's gone.

He's gone and he's taken whoever he's grabbed with him and this time? This time he's wiped. This time he STOPS.
Mostly because he's stuck with his arm half in and half out of a wall, forced to stand while his HUD and the healing
unit blare angry noises at him about pressure and potential crush injury if he moves the wrong way. Caught like a
fish he lets go of whoever and scrabbles, trying to dig his arm out. ]

Oh god oh god oh shit oh god someone get me OUT OF HERE!

[ ooc: York is porting himself all around Freesia due to not knowing how his magic works! YAY! If you want him to port into your character's room, bedroom, bathroom, place of employ, whichever just toss them up and assume he's popped up there. If you want your character to have been grabbed by him and stuck in the middle of nowhere with his arm stuck in a wall, go for it! ]
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[The fields have ears.]

[Of corn, that is, but it's trampled and a mess by the time anyone might come across it-- this is Aaron's fault. He's been pacing for a solid hour as the wound on his side slowly clots.]

[He knows that he should put something over it; pressure, a cloth, even his hand, but he can't. His hands are shaking and his head hurts and all he can think of is Riddler.]

[Or, rather, what Riddler did to him. And vice versa.]

[By the time he's worked off enough nervous energy to stop pacing around, he's not alone anymore. A shallow well of shadow forms almost unconsciously behind him (they could be one of Lux's, now that people must know that he has stronger magic) and he turns towards where he thinks his visitor is.

Who's there?
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[Wash sat on his bed, legs crossed at the ankle, arms folded, staring at the wall. There was exactly one book in the room, and he'd finished it yesterday. No point in rereading it - not when he could remember the whole thing down to the goddamn word if he wanted to. The network was fairly quiet. There was no TV or radio in here. He was bored out of his goddamn mind and had been for - he checked the clock - the past two hours, at least.]

[Bed rest was bullshit.]

[Bones had insisted, and when Wash had insisted he was well enough to at least walk around the damn apartment, Bones had lifted him straight off the floor with his magic and hauled him back down the hall. There was no arguing with that.]

[Well, no, there was plenty of arguing with that. There was just no winning.]

[So he was stuck in his room, rapidly running out of distractions and reduced to staring at the wall. Great. Just great.]
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[Staying in hiding seemed fairly prudent with that awful Rose Quartz about, but there were necessities, things to be done. She had eyed the warehouses as a fair location for a hideout, but there was still too much foot traffic there...which is to say, any at all.

But a base needs protection, and protections comes from technology. For now, motion sensors would do. She could certainly booby trap any place she found later, but hiding and running would do. It would need to be portable. And quiet. And she would need to do it with inferior human (is that what this was?) tech.

That was a snag. Another one is that the shops seemed to not want to let her have what she needed. Apparently, she needed green pieces of paper and very specific small metal discs to exchange for the components she required. This made absolutely no sense to her because the paper and the disks had no apparent use whatsoever. The first few attempts had gone poorly, with lots of screaming and accusations of an activity called "shoplifting" which was apparently criminal. Attracting that kind of attention with so many enemies around seemed...unwise. Very unwise.

However, she had determined that there was another way to obtain the objects she needed. During the night, the owners left their shops, leaving them protected by only a relatively thin layer of glass, one that couldn't stand up to even a fraction of the punishment that Gem barriers could. One that was down, it was simply a matter of taking what she needed (or thought she needed, it was so hard to tell with such primitive technology.)

She has been doing this multiple nights. Human tech apparently needed a lot of little bits, and she was learning as she went. Replacements...different sizes...different models...she simply had to adjust as she goes.

So that's where she can be found often enough: about to break a window into a store, rooting through that store, or about to fly away from same. They've started to increase security, but nobody escapes like Peridot...]
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[Maybe Greg's been dragging his feet a little bit on moving out of the apartment with the guys. It makes sense, after all; Rose's new powers are a bit of a disaster waiting to happen in an enclosed space, and it isn't like she needed anywhere to sleep anytime soon. Still, with so few things in his possession, Greg probably could have switched apartments in an hour or two. He kept finding distractions, other things to do, people to hang out with instead of moving his things.

Mostly, he's been waiting for it to fall through. A big part of him still expects for it to be some sort of trick, that he's imagined the whole thing, or simply that Rose will change her mind. The idea of moving in with her is almost as alien as the woman herself. The thought of being alone with her rattles something inside of Greg--equal parts nerves and breathless excitement.. He wants this. He's wanted this longer than he could remember. With something he's not even been able to dream of, just falling into his lap suddenly, he's sure he's going to find a way to ruin it.

Now, Greg sets down the last box of his accumulated junk in the empty, first-floor apartment (less dangerous if her powers go haywire), and casts a grin at his.... roommate. This is it.

Well, here we are! Home sweet home.